What should you do when someone proposes you?

Points needs attention:

  • Never Reply on the spot
  • Take your time and then respond appropriately
  • Observe Person carefully
  • Note down how credible person is who is proposing
  • If the person who proposes you can stand next to you in case of anything like if something goes wrong in between both families making your wedding possible? and in this case If he/she says yes they  stick with you You then you should go/stick with this person. Dont waste time.
  • At any stage  the person who proposed you says like he/she  cannot go against his/her parent with any XYZ reasons then you need to understand here that you should not go further because proposal should have come after knowing all these things. The person who is proposing should be clear about his/her decision  in proposing someone.
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  • Importance of Love

1. Only one person from a family is eligible to apply or register (husband, wife, and children).
2. Naya Pakistan housing scheme is for every common man, thus people who does not own any property such as house are eligible to apply.
3. In the first session the process of registration is taking place in 7 districts only. People ambit in owning a house in any other district would have to wait for the Next step of registration in their required Districts.
Registration date for other districts shall be announced after 21 December.
4. Registration forms are available (free of cost) on the Registered website of NADRA. The form shall be submitted to the Website of Housing Program, a fee of 250 PKR will be charged and received.
5. The quality of paper of the form must be good enough and the form must be filled in CAPITAL LETTERS of English. To Download Naya Pakistan housing Form click Here
6. Unreadable form shall be returned back
7. Please make sure you receive the receipt, the receipt is signed by the officer (On Duty), and your identity card number and tracking number are mentioned clearly.
8. The registration process will remain open for 2 months and people are encouraged to visit their nearest Provisional Housing Registration sites in order to avoid any kind of issue.
9. The reason of registration is to know your desired location and requirement.
More details click here for Nadra Site
To Download Naya Pakistan housing Scheme Form click Here

Click on the image to Download Form

Naya Pakistan Housing 2018


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