Netflix’s Next Gen 2018: a Cute relationship between human and Robot

Netflix’s Next Gen 2018: a Cute relationship between human and Robot
The movie Next Gen is a Netflix movie that is about a relationship between a human girl and a Robot. The name says “Next Gen” (Next Generation) but the movie is more of drama than sci-fi. We can say Next Gen is a cute teenage movie for young generation, just like Netflix always keep a balance between the age factors and groups, this movie has not disappointed the audiences. It is recommended for all age groups.

Next Gen is a sci-fi and drama animated movie that is not less than any roller coaster ride. It has lots of dramatic emotional moments and action pack fighting scenes as well. But yes, Next Gen reveals a huge truth that our next generation can be addicted badly to the phone usage.

The movie is set in a Chinese futuristic city, where people are completely addicted to the use of phones and robots. From toothbrushes to policeman, every thing was mechanical in the movie except the humans. The movie has a teenage girl Mai who hates robots a lot, where as her mother Molly is very much into the robots. Thus Molly is much awaiting for the launch of new Q-Bots.

Molly takes Mai to the launch event of the latest Bot where she sneaks into the secret lab of Justin Pin (the CEO of Bots) where she finds on “The Project 77”. Project 77 is still in progress and is being created by Dr. Tanner Rice. In certain circumstances Project 77 and Mai get along.

The movie reveals the precious moments of how girl meets the bot and how bot and the girl becomes best buddies. But the twist comes up when the bot comes out as a laser machine that is quite lethal too. But the cutest moments of the movie are when the bot due to short memory has to delete the precious moments with the girls daily night. You should grab a tissue at those heart wrenching scenes when the bot has to choose his most beautiful memories in order to create new ones with the girl.

But the movie has unfortunate parts where Mai’s behaviour gets brattier after meeting her new friend. The bot here plays a beautiful role of a father and best friend by standing next to her but also helping her to realize that, if she is hurt it doesn’t means she has to hurt everyone. But the movie moves on when it is revealed that the bots are exploding themselves in order to kill the humans. Here the girls and the bot teams up against this plan.
Here you must be thinking where is the parenting part, but Mai’s mom is very much distracted to the bots and her all attention is diverted to her new bot.

The movie ends with a full of action scene yet very emotional. The complete movie is perfectly measured and created with best animations. Next Gen is a beautiful movie that grabs your attention throughout. No other movie ever has explained a beautiful love and emotion of a bot towards a human child. Next Gen is a must watch for every age group.

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