Relations and Trust issues Article

Relations and Trust issues

Yes….! Relations and their trust issues…

These seems to be very common terms now days “Trust issues”, “Trustworthy” and “Trustless” (a new word), but still they are not common enough.

What is trust? in Relations and Trust issues topic.

We aren’t actually able to understand the term trust and still we point it put to our relations easily. Relations are not like flowers that need love and care to grow, they need years and years of compromises, sacrifices, and you need to understand who was there for you when no one else was. That is how we make relations. Relations aren’t a derby or any other race to see who came first or who is second etc., but relation means who did not give up on you when you were at your worst.

We now days aren’t capable enough to understand the actual meaning of relations and I find it pretty hilarious we just define our trust boundaries. What actually is trust?

It is very simple to say we never come in a relationship unless we trust the other person (that doesn’t count the blood relations). We never come close or are friends with the person we don’t trust on. This is quite simple why would we be friends with a person we don’t trust? (Unless you are making a relation for your personal need)

Then we start sharing our lives, our strong weak moments, our fears, our flaws, our losses, our profits, our doubts, our fights, our smiles, in other words we start sharing each and every thing with the person we come in a relation. This is trust!!!!

  • Trust is to open up to the person completely you are close with (Please make clear I am talking about the close relations not the common day people we just meet now and then).
  • Trust is to share everything your heart, mind, and soul have.
  • Trust is to tell the things you have been hiding from the world may be.
  • Trust is to give away your fear to the other person to hold on.
  • Trust is to share all the confusions you are facing in your life.
  • Trust is to open up the closed books in back of your minds that you have been carrying all the way long.
  • Trust is to hold the hand of a person blindly and then to follow him or her.
  • Trust is to know yes he or she will solve it.
  • Trust is when you open up your eyes in the morning and you know the closed one is there right lose to your heart, right close to your soul.
  • Trust is to share whatever you have got.

This is my definition of trusting your closed ones!!!

What are trust issues?

I don’t find this term quite helpful in relations. I haven’t seen relations getting somewhere when this term enters…

But trust me “Trust Issue” is not your issue, trust issue is the issue of the person whom you are opened up to. It is issue of the person who you have opened up and he or she wasn’t able to carry your burden on their shoulders and they just throw them it on others. Trust issue is the issue of the second person who wasn’t confident enough on their relation with you. It is the issue of second person who was only listening to you (& that might be judged at this point too) but might not be in the conversations.Relations and Trust issue is the issue when the other person hides everything, almost every important thing from you.


This is the point you raise a question to yourself!!!

  • The relation I am in, is it mutual? Or am I alone carrying it?
  • The relation that is not opening up on me, was I a fool to open me on them?
  • The relation I am in is the secret keeper?
  • The relation I am in, is it “Trustworthy”?

Bull’s-eye…!!!! Now you know.. Right?

But you still can’t help it…Because you love that person a lot..!!!!

Relations and Trust issues article end.

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